Competency card renewal process FAQs

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training is mandatory for everyone in NSW who sells, serves and supplies alcohol. Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) training is required for anyone working with gaming machines in hotels or clubs.

You can't work in the liquor and gaming industry without a valid RSA and/or RCG interim certificate or competency card. Fines apply if you sell, serve or supply alcohol and/or work with gaming machines in hotels or clubs without a valid card.

Why do I need to renew my competency card?

A competency card is valid for five years. You need to complete an online refresher course to renew your competency card for an additional five years.

I hold RSA and RCG competencies. Do I need to renew both?

If you want to serve, sell or supply alcohol, and work with gaming machines in NSW, you need RSA and RCG competencies.

It's your choice to renew one or both competencies. For example, if you decide not to work with gaming machines in the future, you don't have to renew your RCG at the same time as your RSA.

How much does it cost to renew my competency card?

To renew your card, you need to successfully complete the online refresher training and pay a renewal fee of $35. The cost is the same whether you renew one competency card endorsement (e.g. your RSA), or both endorsements (e.g. your RSA and RCG).

Do I need to complete a full RSA and/or RCG course to renew my competency card?

No. You only need to complete the refresher course offered by Liquor & Gaming NSW and pay a renewal fee of $35 to renew your card for five years.

How do I renew my card?

You will be sent a reminder notice by email and/ or SMS before your competency card expires, which will prompt you to visit an online training portal to complete refresher training. The reminder includes a renewal number and competency card holder licence number which you need to access the training portal.

I recently added another competency to my card. Why is this due to expire?

The expiry date on your card is determined by the date you completed your first course. For example, if you attained your RSA competency five years ago, and completed your RCG after that, your renewal date is matched to the date you obtained your RSA.

How long does the training take to complete?

RSA and RCG refresher training is available online through L&GNSW.  Each course takes 30–40 minutes to complete.

When should I renew my competency card?

When you receive a renewal notification by email or SMS from Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW). Renewal reminder notices include details you need to renew your card.

A good time to renew your card is between three and two months before it expires. This gives you time to complete the renewal process and receive your new card in the post. It takes up to three weeks to post a new card to you.

What if I don’t get a renewal notification by email or SMS?

If you don’t receive an email or SMS three months before your card expires, we don’t have your latest contact details.

You can update your details using the using the online form. To use the form, you need your competency card licence number (CCH), and the mobile number and email address as supplied with your competency card application.

If you can’t update your details using the online form, you need to complete a Competency Card holder change of details form (PDF, 446KB) and  contact  Liquor & Gaming NSW

When do I get my new competency card?

Once you've paid the renewal fee, your card will be ordered and posted within 2–3 weeks to the address you provided at the time of renewal. You do not need to supply a new photo.

What happens if my existing competency card expires before I receive my new card?  Can I still work?

You will receive an email confirming that you have completed the renewal process and paid the renewal fee.  The confirmation email allows you to work until you receive your new competency card within 2-3 weeks of completing the renewal process.  

My card has expired. Can I still renew my competency card?

Yes, but you cannot legally work in jobs that require an RSA/RCG competency.

You have 28 days after your card has expired to renew and complete the online refresher course. After that you need to complete a full RSA/RCG course through a registered training provider.

My competency card also has a Privacy endorsement, what happens to it?

Your Privacy endorsement is automatically renewed when you renew your RSA. If you decide not to renew your RSA, your Privacy endorsement will expire.

If you hold a high risk venue management endorsement and do not renew your RSA it will also expire.

Can I pay my renewal in person?

Yes.  You can visit a Service NSW outlet and pay in person. Visit or call 13 77 88 to find your closest service centre and for information about how to pay.

I was sent a notice advising me about the expiry of my interim certificate.  What should I do?

This means you have never converted your interim certificate into a competency card. You have five years from when you first did training to convert your interim certificate to a competency card.

If you wish to maintain your RSA/RCG certification, you first need to apply for a competency card. See How to get your competency card for more information.

Once you have been issued with a competency card you will be eligible to renew your competency card holder (CCH) licence.

If you don't want to continue working in jobs that require RSA and/or RCG, ignore the reminder.

Can I complete my refresher training through the training provider that I used to complete my full course?

No. Refresher training is only available online through L&GNSW.