Participant & Employer pre enrolment information

Please ensure you check our terms and conditions prior to enrolling and choose your course carefully. Information on some of our policy's can be read further down this page or you can download our participants handbook below for more detailed information.

CLICK HERE to download our Participant handbook

USI - Unique Student Identifier: As of 1 January 2015, all students undertaking nationally recognised training will need a Unique Student Identifier before their qualification can be issued.  

For more information about the USI and to create yours now, go to www.usi.gov.au and have your USI emailed directly to you.

By enrolling you give permission for Centre for Training staff to access your USI to check your USI directly from the USI website.

If you need assistance with your USI call the USI government department on 1300 857 536.

Fees and Refund Policies

Refunds for Classes:

Centre for Training (CFT) does not accept any responsibility for changes in a student’s personal circumstances.

Students should choose carefully prior to enrolment as refunds and transfers will not usually be given. 

Total refunds

A total refund will be made in the following circumstances:

  • CFT is unable to provide or ceases to provide the course for which the student has applied or is enrolled.
  • Where the course is full
  • If Student’s application for enrolment is refused by CFT.

Partial refunds

A partial refund will only be granted if the student lodges a request for refund of course fees in writing no less than 5 working days before the commencement of the course. A refund will then be issued within 10 working days for the total amount paid to Centre for Training, less an administrative charge of $50.00

If Student withdraws more than 7 days before the course commences CFT will give Full refund less $50 administrative fee.

If Student withdraws under 7 days prior to the course commencing CFT will give Full refund less $100 administrative fee.

If Student is withdrawn after course commences. CFT will give Full refund less $50 administrative fee and resource costs, if up to 25% of the course had been conducted. No refund if over 25% of course has been conducted.

NOTE: Total or partial refunds may also be given in exceptional circumstances, which prevent a student taking a place after accepting an offer, as follows:

  • illness or disability. Documentary evidence must be provided, fo example a Doctors Certificate.

No refunds

  • A student who withdraws from a course, for whatever reason, on the day of the course will not be eligible for a refund.
  • If Student withdraws after the course commences. - No refund given

Refund process

Any student who wishes to obtain a refund on the above or on any other grounds should make an application in writing and forward by email to info@centrefortraining.com.au or post to Centre for Training , PO BOX 110, KILLARA NSW 2071.  

Transfer fee

Request for transfers received prior to the course commencement date for a $25 fee on top of course fee.

Fees for replacement certificates:

Please download the relevant  type of certificate you require to be reissued, download and complete order form and return to us by email or post- contact details are on the forms.

Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment                             $25.00 each

NSW OLGR RSA or RCG interim certificate reissued                    $25.00 each

NSW OLGR Paper Certificates (issued prior to 22/08/2011)        $50.00 each or $90 both RSA & RCG

NSW Food Authority Food Safety Supervisor Certificate                 $25.00 each

Replacement NSW RSA & RCG OLGR Competency cards are issued by the OLGR, you need to deal directly with the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing - we provide the training, but do not provide the competency cards. 

You can download a replacement competency card form from NSW OLGR website www.olgr.nsw.gov.au 

My details are wrong on the NSW RSA or RCG interim certificate. What should I do? 

If any of your details on either the front or back of your interim certificate are wrong, including your name, date of birth or address, you must complete the Interim certificate amendment form and return it to the OLGR. A new interim certificate with your correct details can be issued. You can then apply for your photo competency card at a NSW Service Centre (previously known as RMS)  using the new interim certificate. 

Distance Learning (Correspondence) Students

Centre for Training recognises that refunds of fees paid in advance should be made to students under the following conditions:

  • Centre for Training agrees to refund, within 10 days, without deduction, all fees where the student’s application for enrolment is refused by Centre for Training.
  • Centre for Training agrees to refund, within 10 days, all fees paid, less a $50.00 administration charge, where, by reason or reasons beyond the student’s control, (including Acts of God, Acts of Government authorities, civil strike and riots), the student is prevented from completing the Training.

Online students:

  • Centre for Training agrees to refund, within 10 days, fees paid with a $50 deduction for administration fees where the student has requested a refund due to deciding the course is not necessary (changing their mind). This only applies if the student has not commenced their training.

Refunds for online training are conditional upon:

  • the computer system being used by the student does not meet the minimum requirements detailed for use of the online learning material;
  • a student enrolling in, and not commencing training, then determining it is not the correct course for their needs. For instance, they accidently enrolled into the incorrect course , please note: there is a clear description on the Centre for Training website detailing what the training is for.
  • Centre for Training agrees to refund, within 10 days, with no deduction, fees where the student has been unable to access the online learning material due to a system failure of the learning material.  That is, the learning material is not available for access by all students due to technical failure of the learning platform.


  • Please note that Centre for Training collects personal information for internal use and in compliance with privacy laws, participants are advised that personal information proveded by students enrolling in the training will be provided to government departments as required, including but not limited to, the Australian Skills Quality Authority, NSW Food Authority, NSW Office of Liquor Gaming & Racing and Victorian Department of Justice.

 Class sizes for training:

  • RSA & RCG maximum of 30 participants
  • FSS NSW maximum of 30 participants